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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Twist in the Rozita Swinton Saga?

Another blog has an interesting post.
This blogger has found what is either an error in the San Angelo Times article of last Sunday, or a whole new twist on the Swinton calls. The article posts a timeline of events, including when the FBI got the phone records. The records the FBI produced showed calls from Swinton going to the NEWBRIDGE shelter starting on the 22ND of March!
The blogger who has written about this has attempted to contact the San Angelo paper to no avail...
Here's the link to the blog...
and a link to the San Angelo Times article


TxBluesMan said...

That's old news.

It was reported in the Dallas Morning News on 6/6/08; and in the Salt Lake Trib on 5/31/08 and 11/19/08. Both the SLT articles are now in their for pay archive if you want to see them...

In addition, it is in the arrest affidavit for Swinton, released in December. See Attachment A, p. 7, para. 2, 2nd sentence.

It's just another tinfoil hat theory...

rericson said...

Blues, I'll fix my post..
The article this past Sunday says the calls to the Newbridge Shelter started on the 22nd of March...not the Washington State shelter....

No theory, here...but if the Texas Shelter did recieve the calls as early as the 22nd, did they report them? Why not? or is it just a simple mistake on the part of the paper?

TxBluesMan said...

Based on everything I've seen (documents) and heard (blog, web news, etc), it looks to be a simple mistake.

BTW, the San Angelo article has been corrected to show the calls on March 22nd went to the Washington shelter, not the New Bridge Shelter.

Since the calls to the Washington shelter said that they lived in an apartment in Everrett, WA, not in Texas, so there would have been no need for them to have notified Texas authorities or the New Bridge Shelter. It was my understanding that the Washington people put two and two together after the raid due to the similarities in the news reports...

rericson said...

That's interesting. Only because I checked the article before I posted the link and it was showing the calls to Newbridge starting on the 22nd. Now I can't get on the site. Not from my own link nor by going to google...
Not that I don't believe you...but before I take this blog thread down, I want to see it for myself...*smile*

rericson said...

Nope...the San Angelo article is still saying there were calls to Newbridge starting on the 22nd....

TxBluesMan said...

You may need to hit refresh on your browser.

Toes said...

Nope, I just checked at 7:23 pm

The statement in questions is:

"The records show she called NewBridge 16 times between March 22 and April 12."

and it's still there.

I have received no response from the reporter.

No tinfoil hat. In fact, I'm predisposed to believe it's a simple mistake in the story.

But if it's not a mistake, and the records show that the NewBridge Shelter received a call from Rozita's number on the 22nd of March, I'll put my hat back on.

Anonymous said...

'Sarah' and Rozita

A timeline of events surrounding the phone calls from 'Sarah Jessop.'

n March 22: A caller to a Washington battered women's shelter gives her name as "Sarah Jessop" and describes physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband, Dale Barlow, who she says lives in an Everett, Wash., apartment complex. She calls 27 more times in the next three weeks.
I just looked a the page you put up and that's what it says.

Toes said...

Yes, Anonymous, I agree, that's what it says at March 22.

Please look at the entry for April 13.

Anonymous said...

When was the FBI notified? A minor locked in a basement with a threat to take her baby is usually a FBI issue - same with a beaten minor taken over State lines.

Clearly the FBI knows how to trace a call. I was surprised to know they had the phone numbers of the cell phones. Gosh, my cell phone records are online within minutes after the call.

So any info on the FBI?

TxBluesMan said...

Anon 2:02,

The FBI does not have jurisdiction unless it crosses state lines or a federal crime was involved.

So exactly what Federal crime was committed, based on what was reported in the call?

Anonymous said...

When they arrested Seth Jeff and Nathanial Allred, they have 5 cell phones in the car. When they arrested Warren, he had over 12 different cell phones, phone cards, etc. Each one a different number.
People have live in one state and can have an out of state cell phone.

Anonymous said...

The hoax caller reported she was taken from Washington to Texas!
This would put it in the jurisdiction of the FBI, wouldn't it?

Also, I think when a child is held hostage or kidnapped, there is some type of statute or rule which gives the FBI jurisdiction, right?

Anyway, the were eventually involved because the are mentioned in Rozita's warrant and they were at the raid.

So was the FBI smart enough to suggest tracing the calls?

When did the FBI join the party?

Anonymous said...

I think this would apply to Rozita's/Sarah's baby. Why wouldn't they handle a 16 year beaten and locked in a basement with her baby as a child abduction?

The following was taken from the FBI's websie:

"In 1932, Congress gave the FBI jurisdiction under the “Lindbergh Law” to immediately investigate any reported mysterious disappearance or kidnapping involving a child of “tender age”—usually 12 or younger. And just to be clear, before we get involved there does NOT have to be a ransom demand and the child does NOT have to cross state lines or be missing for 24 hours."

"Our field offices respond to cases involving the mysterious disappearance of a child whenever and however they come to our attention. All reports of circumstances indicating that a minor has or possibly has been abducted are afforded an immediate preliminary inquiry.

In this initial inquiry, we evaluate all evidence, circumstances, and information to determine if an investigation is warranted under federal law. (For instance, it is a federal violation for a person to travel between states to engage in any sexual act with a person under 18.) If a case is warranted, we will immediately open an investigation in partnership with state and local authorities."

"Upon being notified that a child has been abducted, our field offices and the NCAVC coordinate an immediate response to the abduction situation. The National Child Search Assistance Act of 1990 states that law enforcement agencies may not observe a waiting period before accepting a missing child report and that each missing child that is reported to law enforcement must be entered immediately into the state law enforcement system and National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Our special agents join local law enforcement in coordinating and conducting comprehensive investigations. Our Evidence Response Team personnel may conduct the forensic investigation of the abduction site, while a Rapid Start Team may immediately be deployed to coordinate and track investigative leads, which often number in the thousands. "

TxBluesMan said...

Speaking of missing babies...

CPS just non-suited Teresa in San Angelo and opened a case on her child in San Antonio.

She has been ordered to appear, with the child on March 25 and to submit to DNA testing for both herself and the child.

She has put herself in a straight line to jail if she doesn't comply.

Anonymous said...

The baby, as reported to the Court month's back is out of State. They do not have jurisdiction over the baby.

Also today, CPS caved and is sending Merrianne to her Aunt, Naomi.

By the way, I told you CPS would non suit Teresa rather than lose her in Court.

According to MSM, the case "Imploded".

:)) GB

Ron in Houston said...


Wishing won't make it so. If they have jurisdiction over Theresa then they have jurisdiction over the infant. (Unless a case was filed over the infant in some other court.)

Actually, today's turn of events have made TS's predicament far more precarious. She's far more likely to end up in what you'd call the "gulag" now than yesterday.

Also, moving MJ from foster placement to relative placement does not mean that the case is "over" by any stretch of the imagination. It only means the CPS is less likely to seek full termination of Barbara's parental rights. My guess is that CPS will still seek permanent full custody of MJ.

Anonymous said...


As for Merrianne, her Trial was demanded by Barbara and is set for October. Another $100.00 says CPS cuts Merrianne completely loose before her case goes to trial.

While we're at it, $1,000.00 says Hildrebrand's Law gets overturned as Un Constitutional because he specifically targeted the FLDS in it.

It's time for you boys to put your money where your mouth is.

:)) GB

TxBluesMan said...

Which law of Hilderbran?

His anti-polygamy bill in 2005 never got off the House floor...

Ron in Houston said...


I won't take that bet until I see the how this new judge approaches the case. Clearly Walther was reluctant to hold TS in contempt for violating her orders.

As for Merrianne, her Trial was demanded by Barbara and is set for October. Another $100.00 says CPS cuts Merrianne completely loose before her case goes to trial.

I wouldn't take this bet either. Although I suspect that CPS really has it in for Barbara, MJ is pretty close to "aging" out of the system.

While we're at it, $1,000.00 says Hildrebrand's Law gets overturned as Un Constitutional because he specifically targeted the FLDS in it.

Now, I'll take some of this action. This one ain't gonna happen - no how - no way. All we need is a reasonable time frame.

And Bill, if you don't pay up, I'll be forced to put a lien on the Ferrari....

TxBluesMan said...

Judge Sakai won't be as understanding as Judge Walther. He will want to see the child. He allowed CPS to return one child to the parents who then proceeded to beat the child to death just 6 weeks later. He was so upset that he took sabbatical and requested a judicial investigation of all actions in the case, including his.

If Teresa defies him, she will be facing a much different judge...

Anonymous said...

That's spelled Lamborghini, but I'll
let it slide.

The case will be struck down as soon as it's heard, but that could take 5 years.

As for the Judge in San Antonio, I guess TBMs score on being right about judicial rulings will remain un broken; ZIP.

In view of all those dead babies found on the Ranch, and all those abused and beaten children the State found, I don't think it's much of an issue with Teresa's baby (If it exists).

:)) GB

Anonymous said...

And let me guess about the State "Investigation":

The State wasn't at fault.

It's kind of like little Pablo's throat being ripped out by the pit bull:

That wasn't the State's fault either.


TxBluesMan said...


Get well soon.

Dale Kemp said...


TxBluesMan just told me that you were not well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

Rebeckah said...

I haven't posted here because I didn't want to invade your space. But I want to add my wishes for your speedy recovery.

Ron in Houston said...


Yes, get well soon. I hope you'll feel well enough soon to give us a post with an update on your condition.

I'm also praying fervently that there really is a hell so the person who called your employer can end up there.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Just heard, and want to add my own best wishes to a speedy and full recovery. My father had a stroke at 48, so I know it can be a long, hard slog, but he's 73 and can out work me today.

duaneh1 said...

Regina, hope you get well soon,
We miss you!

Anonymous said...


I thought you would want to be one of the first to know;

Merrianne is being transferred to Naomi's house in San Antonio ahead of the May hearing.

Her freedom from CPS is in no small measure due to your tireless efforts on her behalf, and the Ranch wanted to let you know that.

Sit back, listen to the Doctor's and we'll be here waiting for your return to the ring.

:)) Billy

Jamigrama said...

Bill, that is terrific news! I'm sure it will lift Regina's spirits.

Regina, I'm sending my thoughts, prayers and good wishes to you and hoping you are feeling better.

Carol said...

Bill! What wonderful news!!!!!!!!
I am so happy to hear she will be with someone who loves and understands her.
Thank you for letting us know through Regina.
Now Regina, you hurry and get well.
We miss you.

Stence said...


We're sure missing you and hope you're better soon. Take care. You're in our prayers. Thanks for sending what you can and don't let your son read my emails to you!

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