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Monday, April 27, 2009

Josh Is Finally Married!!!!!!!

On a happier note.....

Josh just got married. I went down for his wedding and had a wonderful time.

They were doing it "simple" for now. Tai's dad has some major illnesses going and just in case...

Anyway, David and I were there, and Tai's sister and best friend and her parents....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Carolyn and Betty; It's A Strange Relationship

Well, I'm not up on everything, but I have a general idea of where things are. So it would seem that it would be a good idea to offer something here for people to comment on.
I just watched the Opera Show and Carolyn Jessop was on. I guess she was on as a response to the show last week where Opera interviewed Betty.
As a small note; Opera said she did not believe Betty when Betty said something about not being aware of the under-aged marriages. I think that Betty left when she was barely 14 yrs of age and did not return until she was eighteen and Warren Jeffs was in jail. So, all though she may have met a couple of them, for the most part, she was not aware of them.
Carolyn looked fat. I'm not saying that because I think there is anything wrong with being fat. I'm saying that as a comment on Carolyn herself. She also did not look like she wanted to be on television. She was trying to keep her words low key. She actually did not say allot. She made a few comments about the lost boys, but she did not say they were "lost'. She said while she was there Warren Jeffs told as many as 100 boys to leave at one time.
She also said several things about Betty that were pretty innocuous, and then it was over.
Any thoughts?

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Dear Everyone,
I am doing fine.
I am steadily recovering. I should be back up to my "normal" speed soon. I find reading very difficult. And writing is terrible, right now. I find it a lot more difficult to read and write than I do sitting and talkng. When I am sitting and talking, a person can guess what I am saying when I find myself vexed for words.
Anyhow, I wanted you to all know I am fighting and will be back some time soon!!!!!!!!!!
I start my speech therapy soon and then "Watch Out" I come.
Later, my friends.

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